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5 Star Reviews for Chiropractic on Relief of Back Pain
by Dr. Joseph Gambardella, Dr. Todd Brown and Dr. Benjamin Erb

Read 5 Star Reviews for Chiropractic on Relief of Back Pain by Dr. Joseph Gambardella, Dr. Todd Brown and Dr. Benjamin Erb to learn more about Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehab of Miami and our Physical Medicine office in Miami, FL.

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rated #1 for back pain treatment
Consumer Reports has named Chiropractic as the top-rated treatment for the relief of back pain in survey results gathered from over 14,000 people.  Chiropractors across the country are honored to receive this important endorsement from America’s most trusted rating organization.

The Survey

The Consumer Reports survey queried 14,000 of their subscribers who had experienced lower back pain in the previous year and had never had surgery for the condition.

The survey was with low back pain which is one of the most common physical ailments with just over 80 percent of people in the United States reporting that they have been bothered by this discomfort at some point in their life. For some 50 percent of these people, the pain has severely limited their activities, caused sleep loss, and interfered with their sex life and the ability to control their weight.  Another 50 percent of this group indicated that the pain was severe enough to limit their daily activities for one week or longer. Recurrence of back pain sometime during the year was reported by 88 percent of these people.

The Results

Chiropractic treatment received the highest endorsement for both pain relief and consumer satisfaction of all modalities surveyed.   At 59 percent, Chiropractic received the top marks from people who were asked if they were “highly satisfied” with their treatment.

“For the treatment of back pain, few options are better than Chiropractic,” says Glenn Manceaux, D.C., a past president of the American Chiropractic Association. “As shown in this thorough survey, Chiropractic spinal manipulation is an evidence-based and effective treatment for lower back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. Coupled with the high levels of patient satisfaction, patients should turn to Chiropractic as their first choice.”

An interesting note from the survey is that many of the persons with lower back pain had sought help from five or six different sources in their attempt to find relief. In the end, the majority of these people found the greatest relief and satisfaction from the drug-free, non-invasive treatment options provided by a chiropractor. More frequently than not, low back issues can be reduced or resolved via a combination of Chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle counseling.

Ready to Be Another Happy Consumer?!

Why try five or six other remedies when Consumer Reports says the best place for real help and consumer satisfaction is waiting in the treatment room of a chiropractor?

Call today and be one of many happy consumers who are living pain free!


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For Your Health,

Dr. Joseph Gambardella, Dr. Todd Brown and Dr. Benjamin Erb

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